Here’s my selection for Perfect Picture Book Friday:

My Mom Has X-Ray Vision
Angela McAllister
Alex T. Smith
Tiger Tales, 2011 published in the United States
Originally published in Great Britain, 2010
Suitable for: Ages 5 and up
Theme/Topic: Mom Superpowers, Imagination

Opening: Matthew’s Mom was like all the other moms. She had ordinary hair, ordinary clothes, and a nice smile. Matthew’s Mom was just like all the other moms … (Oh the page turn!)

Brief Synopsis: Matthew’s mom looks like all the other moms, except she has X-Ray vision. He builds up evidence and then tests his theory only to determine she has another super power.

Links to resources: This is a great book to talk about things your child may “think” is real about a parent. Ask them to write a story about their parents. The beginning could be used as a prompt. “My mom is like all the other moms … except —” Who knows what your kid will say? There is an element of days of the week in the story, so you could study days of the week (especially the one on missing days).

Why I Like This Book: The first line hooked me. Enzo and I giggled out loud during our first read of this book. I wish I had X-ray vision sometimes. He’s glad I don’t. The ending … well, it brings up another mom superpower — eyes in the back of her head! This book was a delight to read and really fun to study. It’s the classic “how did my mom know I did that” story. The illustrations are brilliant. I found this interview with Alex T. Smith. 

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