It’s that time of year for a teeny, tiny Halloween tale called Halloweensie.
Author Susanna Leonard Hill began this contest and dares us (well, maybe encourages is a better word) to write a 100-word Halloween story for children. In addition to the 100-word limit, this year’s entry must contain the words Black Cat, Spooky, and Cackle.
Here’s my effort:

A Scary Halloween

By Stacy S. Jensen

Oscar thought Halloween was extra spooky this year.

Zombies cackled.

Witches moaned.

Black cats barked.

His mom howled at the moon.

Fruits and vegetables filled his trick-or-treat pumpkin.

“I think there’s a problem!” he said.

Oscar ran home and searched the pantry.

One small candy bar remained. He ate it.

The room spun around.

His mom tapped him on the shoulder, “It’s time to trick-or-treat.”

Halloween returned to normal.

Zombies moaned.

Witches cackled.

Black cats meowed.

All was normal, except, Oscar saw a yellow banana in his pumpkin.

“Ahhhhhh!,” Oscar yelled. “Let’s go!”


Wow. I have chills thinking about potatoes and carrots in a Halloween Pumpkin!

Entries can be posted on your own blog or in the comments on Susanna’s Halloweensie story until 11:59 p.m. EDT Halloween night (Oct. 31). You’ll find links spooky, scary, and funny entries on Susanna’s blog.

And one more thing …


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Have fun skipping around the Internet this week!