The brown hotel couch is in many of Enzo’s early photos.
H is for hotel

When my son was six weeks old, we left Texas for the cooler plains of Colorado. We negotiated the contract details before Enzo left the hospital.

Buying a house wasn’t so easy.

Hubby, Enzo, the two dogs and I squeezed into an extended stay hotel. The continental breakfast and the evening snacks got old fast.

I spent my day taking care of Enzo, the dogs and searching for houses with our Realtor.  Hubby began a new job. I watched way too much of the Today Show and HGTV’s House Hunters program.

We had a few false starts where we thought we would escape the hotel. Deals evaporated and new searches began.

My father calls the hotel Enzo’s boyhood home, because he lived there for four months. It was the first place they met their new grandson. They stayed in a room down the hall from ours.

The hotel loved it when family showed up to visit, especially those with credit cards or cash.