So, Susanna Leonard Hill is hosting the 2nd Annual Pretty Much World Famous Illustration Contest for Children’s Illustrators This week.
The rules are here.

The contest is to Draw/Paint/Create a children’s picture book illustration (no text required-art only) the topic for which shall be DISCOVERY.
Not sure why this poked at me. As you know, I’m a writer.

I dabble with paper quilling and wanted to try … so here is my entry:

Eye looking at wonders in the grass to show Discovery.

Anyone else stretch when given a challenge vs. just thinking “oh I should try that?”

For this effort, I tried three new-to-me quilling techniques and shredded my own paper. And, since Hubby wondered WHAT I was doing at the kitchen table … I thought I should post it.

To see the entries in Susanna’s contest, visit her site.