Here’s a fun one for Perfect Picture Book Friday

Heave Ho!
Written by Heinz Janisch
Illustrated by Carola Holland
NorthSouth Books, 2006
First published in Austria under the title Ho Ruck!

Suitable for: ages 2 and up

Theme/Topic: teamwork, counting

Opening:“This story is told in twelve sentences. (Start counting now!)”

Brief Synopsis: From the inside cover flap: “A thrilling story in just twelve sentences? Impossible you say? Think Again! Marvelously fresh text, cheeky illustrations, and a surprise ending are all served up in this wonderfully concise tale of a dog, a cat and three mice …”

Link to Resources: This teamwork lesson plan is for older kids, but could be modified. For younger kids, building with blocks to create one building or object could strengthen team building skills. Here’s a counting lesson. We count a lot in our house right now. Well, not in the correct order yet.

Why I chose this book: Technically, there are 14 sentences, but who’s counting? The story is told in 12. The surprise ending is delightful.

With a toddler, I like short, rich stories. I tend to write short too (still working on the rich part). The illustrations blend beautifully with this story. As a writer, it inspires me to submit some of the shorter ones that rely so much on illustrations. This was a library find. Used versions of the book are available online.  The author’s website is in German, but Google translated the site.

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