It’s the most spooktacular time of year!
The Halloweensie Contest!

Author extraordinaire Susanna Leonard Hill runs this contest and it’s a ton of fun. The rules follow my entry:

Gilda’s Zombie Fix

By Stacy S. Jensen

On Halloween, Gilda always wore a white costume.
She always ate dark chocolate.
And, she always visited an old haunt.
But, this year was different.
Her friends acted a bit alien-ish.
Their moans signaled trouble.
Gilda grabbed her emergency bag.
She passed out water, candy, and encouragement.
“Keep shuffling! Now drag a foot.”
Most zombies perked up, but not Isaac.
Gilda gave him a brussels sprout.
When Isaac tooted, he was normal again.
“Let’s Trick or Treat!” he said.
Gilda took Isaac to Planet #893, where neighbors gave the best treats in the universe — chocolate covered brains.
Word Count: 97
The rules are here.

Basically, you write a children’s story in 100 words or less; include three words — costume, dark, and haunt, and  no illustration notes. Seriously, it’s 100 words period (not including the title). The story can be scary, funny, prose, rhyme … just about anything you want, as long as it is geared toward children.

Stories should be posted on your blog between Oct. 26 and Oct. 30. Be sure to check the rules for the posting deadline and options on how to post a story, if you don’t have a blog. There are wonderful prizes and more importantly there are dozens (if not a 100-plus) of fun stories to read.

To read additional entries, visit Susanna’s blog.