Halloweensie: Behind You!

Halloweensie: Behind You!

Here’s my 2014 entry into Susanna Leonard Hill’s annual Halloweensie contest.
The entries must be 100 words or less and contain the words pumpkin, broomstick and creak (some version of creak). Rules can be found here, if you are interested.

Behind You!

By Stacy S. Jensen

Milo scratched under his pumpkin costume.

An itchy breath tickled his neck.

The step creaked at his neighbor’s door.

“Trick or Treat!” he yelled, but the neighbor stuttered, “B-behind you!”

Milo saw a monster-sized Tag.

The monster chased him as he ran home.

Milo wiggled out of his costume.

He hit the monster with a broomstick.

He tried to rip the monster off with his teeth.

His bare hands couldn’t tame the monster.

Nothing worked, until Milo found his special weapon — blue scissors.

With one snip, the monster Tag vanished.

Word tells me this is 90 words without the title.
Please visit Susanna Leonard Hill’s blog, because there will be dozens if not hundreds of fun and scary short stories for Halloween.

Ready for Halloweensie? PiBoIdMo?

I’m as ready for Halloweensie, as I will be this year.
My entry is ready to publish here on Monday, Oct. 27.
If you haven’t read the rules, check them out on Susanna Leonard Hill’s blog.
You must use the words creak (or some version of it), broomstick and pumpkin in a 100 words or less. She even lets you count candy corn as one word. See, it’s a very generous contest.
I wrote a couple six-word versions among all my false starts and attempts to write a story.

Pumpkin rolled on a creaky broomstick.
{Someone kindly suggested rode instead of rolled.}
Pumpkin rode on a creaky broomstick.
{See one word makes a huge difference.}

Another one:

For sale: creaky pumpkin, rotten broomstick.
{That’s my ode to standard in six-word stories or novel attributed to Ernest Hemingway: For sale, baby shoes never worn.}

My Halloweensie story will post on autopilot this year, because I’m off for a few days.
My nephew Tucker and his dear Katie are getting married Saturday.
Since they chose a Florida location for the wedding, well, why not go see our friends Mickey Mouse and friends. We’ll be in a magical place — being with family — for several days.
My real Halloweensie story is more than six words and more child friendly.
I’m also super excited about November fast approaching, so I can participate in Picture Book Idea Month or PiBoIdMO. Tara Lazar provides lots of inspiration as thousands of picture book ideas are written down in notebooks, on smartphones and on napkins all over the world.
Today is Perfect Picture Book Friday too. While I have dozens of books to add, I’ll save those for when I can properly visit my fellow PPBF bloggers. Enjoy this Friday and check out the PPBF list for great picture books.

A scary Halloweensie story

A scary Halloweensie story

It’s that time of year for a teeny, tiny Halloween tale called Halloweensie.
Author Susanna Leonard Hill began this contest and dares us (well, maybe encourages is a better word) to write a 100-word Halloween story for children. In addition to the 100-word limit, this year’s entry must contain the words Black Cat, Spooky, and Cackle.
Here’s my effort:

A Scary Halloween

By Stacy S. Jensen

Oscar thought Halloween was extra spooky this year.

Zombies cackled.

Witches moaned.

Black cats barked.

His mom howled at the moon.

Fruits and vegetables filled his trick-or-treat pumpkin.

“I think there’s a problem!” he said.

Oscar ran home and searched the pantry.

One small candy bar remained. He ate it.

The room spun around.

His mom tapped him on the shoulder, “It’s time to trick-or-treat.”

Halloween returned to normal.

Zombies moaned.

Witches cackled.

Black cats meowed.

All was normal, except, Oscar saw a yellow banana in his pumpkin.

“Ahhhhhh!,” Oscar yelled. “Let’s go!”


Wow. I have chills thinking about potatoes and carrots in a Halloween Pumpkin!

Entries can be posted on your own blog or in the comments on Susanna’s Halloweensie story until 11:59 p.m. EDT Halloween night (Oct. 31). You’ll find links spooky, scary, and funny entries on Susanna’s blog.

And one more thing …


I also have a post this week over at the Pikes Peak Writers Blog Writing from the Peak.

“What’s Your Game Plan for Your November Challenge?”

I wrote about my preparation for Picture Book Idea Month. I’m almost finished with the task I outlined for myself before November. I also share my goal for PiBoIdMo this year.

I’m ready for Picture Book Idea Month to begin. Are you participating in any November challenges like NaNoWriMo or PiBoIdMo?

Have fun skipping around the Internet this week!