Here’s my selection for Perfect Picture Book Friday:

Penguin’s Big Adventure
Author/Illustrator Salina Yoon
Bloomsbury, 2015
Suitable for: ages 4-8
Theme/Topic: Exploration, Friendship

Opening Spread: One day, Penguin had a big idea.
He wanted to do something no penguin had ever done.
He wanted to be the first penguin ever to set foot on the North Pole.

Brief Synopsis: (from back cover) When Penguin decides to visit the North Pole, he discovers that new places can be scary— but sometimes all it takes to feel right at home is a friendly face!

Resources: Exploration lesson plans. Create an adventure map for an “expedition” — consider visiting an unexplored part of your city or neighborhood. If your child is not in school, create a map to your child’s future school and visit the playground. Think about the items Penguin packs in his backpack. Create your own exploration backpack and fill it with supplies you’ll need for an upcoming adventure. (We always pack emergency snacks in our backpacks.) There are activity books for the Penguin and Pincone and Penguin and Pumpkin books.

Why I Like This Book: Penguin’s adventures have continued in a big way since Penguin and Pincone A Friendship Story. This is the fifth book in the series and I remain in love with Penguin. As with each book, Penguin finds a new friend. We meet Polar Bear in this book. My favorite line of the book is “No, but one might be coming in!” You’ll have to read the book to see who said it. Ever since Cathy introduced me to Penguin, I have been hooked.

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