Here’s my selection for Perfect Picture Book Friday:

Written By Amy Krouse Rosenthal
Illustrated By Tom Lichtenheld
Scholastic Press, 2015
Suitable for: ages 3 to 5
Theme/Topic: Friendship, concept: shapes

Opening Spread: The opening spread is the title page which introduces you quickly to the shapes.
First spread: What’s so great about having Friends?
[Triangle] We’re glad you asked!
[Rectangle] See, the great thing about friends is …
[Circle] Everything!

Brief synopsis: Friends shape who we are.

Resources: Cut out your own version of rectangle, circle, square, and triangle. A family can act out the story with the shapes featured in the book.  Study the story and create images using your shapes. Use the story to discuss your favorite friendship qualities (and maybe the areas you need to work on in your day).

Why I Like This Book: Friendshape shapes (couldn’t resist) a sweet, simple message about friendships. The shapes carry the story from the jacket flap cover to The End. I also love that the endpapers are the four colors of the shapes.

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