A 40th birthday gift from my sister.
D is for Dooney & Bourke

Basic brown. My sister’s description sold me. 
“Sure, I’ll take it nobody knows me.”
Tracy shied away from using the purse, because she didn’t want people to think she spent a couple hundred dollars on a purse. She won the bag after sleeping in a limousine all night at an American Cancer Society fundraiser. The bag was one of many prizes given to volunteers. 
I received the bag in a box declaring above my name — Happy 40th birthday! Five months later, I took the purse out for a test drive. After carrying a diaper bag for more than a year, I whittled my personal items down to a wallet, pen, tube of lipstick and an iPhone. The large pink interior had plenty of room for a few toddler essentials too. 
My sister later mentioned the back story behind the purse. The fundraiser organizers were delighted she won the purse, because honestly — they assumed she would donate it back to the cause. Instead, she gave it to me. 
Now, I feel obligated to find different ways to make an unusual use of the purse.
For a play date, I used it to smuggle marshmallow pop treats into a play area that forbid outside treats. Before you think I’m a rebel, I handed them out as people left, so no one ate in the “snack free zone.”
The purse filled with marshmallow pop treats.
For a Girls Night Out, I packed all the essentials — a tray of rosemary crackers, cashew nuts, microwave popcorn, a wedge of cheese and a Pride and Prejudice  DVD — in the purse and walked over to my neighbor’s house. We watched Bridesmaids, but I had Pride & Prejudice just in case.
Girls Night Out essentials, including a pen.
It’s no Mary Poppins bag, but my basic, brown purse serves me well whether on a date with Hubby or on a covert Mom operation.