Here’s my Perfect Picture Book Friday choice:

Written and Illustrated by Édouard Manceau
Translated by Sarah Quinn
OwlKids, North American Edition, 2013
First published in France in 2011 a Merci, le vent!
Suitable for: Ages 3-7
Themes: Animals, Shapes, Imagination, Weather

Opening Lines: One tiny scrap of paper …
{Next double spread} Look, there’s another!
Synopsis: From the jacket — Colorful and oddly shaped scraps of paper blow in the wind. One by one, they take shape, transforming into animals — each one with its own story to tell. The wind has its own ideas about where they came from and what they mean. What do you think?

Link to Resources: Owl Kids Books has the shapes from Windblown on its website. So, you can create your own animals or make the ones in the book. You can also find scraps of paper and create your own animals.

Why I like this book: I randomly spotted this at the library before a meeting.

The cover is simple. The beginning hooked me. I wanted to see how this would unfold. A variety of animals begin to claim the scraps of paper until the wind takes credit and blows the shapes to the reader.
For author and illustrators, you may want to visit Édouard Manceau’s blog. He has some videos on his site. If you speak French or can figure out how to translate his blog.

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Next week, I hope to have my Halloweensie entry completed to post.