Halloweensie: New Friends

Halloweensie: New Friends

I came up with a short story today, because I refuse to miss Halloweensie in 2020.

Word tells me it is exactly 99 words, so we’ll hope it’s correct.

Halloweensie is a tiny (100 words or less) children’s story contest created by Susanna Leonard Hill. There are hundreds of entries each year. You can get your spook on by reading them here.

Entries are for children age 12 and under and must contain the words creep, skeleton, and mask. Here’s my attempt.

New Friends

By Stacy S. Jensen

For Halloween, Henry drew a sugar skull design on his face. 

Creepy!” Dracula yells. 

“Spooky,” Spider mutters.

“Let’s play,” RBG says. 

They crawl, swing, and leap around the playground. 

“Are you new?” Frankenstein asks. 

“Yes. I’m Skeleton,” Henry says. 

After playing, they visit neighbor after neighbor.

“Trick or Treat,” they yell. 

“Dissent!” says RBG.

With full buckets, they return to the playground to trade candy.

“Sticky. Not for my braces,” RBG says.

“Nuts,” Spider says. 

“I don’t like this,” Henry says. 

After all the swapping, Dracula declares, “Let’s eat! Remove your masks.”

Henry blinks, “I’m not wearing a mask.” 


So, that’s what you get for 99 words. Hope you all have a safe and Happy Halloween!