I love You All Day Long

I love You All Day Long

Here’s my Perfect Picture Book Friday choice:

I Love You All Day Long 
Written by Francesca Rusackas
Illustrated by Priscilla Burris
Harper Collins, 2003
Suitable for: Ages 3-5
Themes: Separation, School

Opening Lines: Owen had an important question: “Do I have to go today, Mommy?”

Synopsis: When a little pig worries about being apart from his mother when he goes off to school, she reassures him.

Link to Resources: There are  lots of resources on separation anxiety. Anna Dewdney’s Llama Llama Misses Mama really helped process some feelings in the recent week. Here’s a link to a Llama Llama resource. If anyone has an person tricks on getting through this separation, leave a comment. We did a lot of reassurance and focus on routine. We also found that Enzo really wanted to do a craft project after school, so we’ve been working on those as an after school treat.

Why I like this book: I found this book, because I NEEDED IT! We have traveled in recent weeks and Enzo was not feeling the “regular routine” after a wedding in Florida, a trip to Disney World, and all that is Halloween. He was in tears a few days during drop off. Of course, he was fine two minutes after I left.
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