Writing from the Peak: Revisions

Writing from the Peak: Revisions

A funny thing happened when I mentioned I would be silent on my Blogger blog for just a little while longer  …
My monthly post on the Pikes Peak Writers blog Writing from the Peak is scheduled to appear today.
Working on my Puzzle, er, Manuscript is up today. I wrote about revisions and those tricky puzzle pieces — or words as we call them in the writing business.

This was tricky to make. Of course, now I know how to make a picture into a puzzle. Black was not my best color choice, but you’ll understand if you read the post about revisions.

Major accomplishments (so far) this week:

  • I revised a pitch to submit to Susanna Leonard Hill’s Would You Read It series. I’ve read and commented on pitches, but never submitted one. My motivation arrived in a FB group discussion. I said, “Oh I should REALLY do that.” I wrote on my calendar to submit a pitch this week. My tentative date for Simon Wants to be a Helper is in December. Don’t worry, I’ll remind you all when my Wednesday arrives.
  • A soft opening for my website! I’ve joked that building a website is like writing a story  — we could revise it forever. Thanks for visiting.

There are several ways to follow the site from RSS feed to email. I chose mailchimp for my primary blog delivery system. So, we’ll see if I figured that out or not.

Thanks for stopping by!