Backseat A-B-See

Backseat A-B-See

Here’s my Perfect Picture Book Friday choice:

Backseat A-B-See
Written and Illustrated by Maria van Lieshout
Chronicle Books, 2012
Suitable for: Ages 2 and up
Themes/Topics: Alphabet, Signs, Car trips

Opening Line: Vroom! Vroom! From the backseat, what do you see?

Synopsis: (from Maria van Lieshout’s site) Vroom! Vroom! From the backseat, what do you see?  Using familiar road signs, this book introduces little ones to the alphabet as well as to the signage they see from the backseat of a car.

Link to Resources: In an author’s note, Maria van Lieshout shares some background on signs. On a road trip, see how many ABCs you can find in the signs. You can also discuss the colors and shapes of signs. This lesson plan has a variety of activities including a street sign gallery.

Why I like this book: I decided to share a few diverse ABCs from my recent study. I enjoyed this one, because it showed an everyday object in a unique light. Author Illustrator Maria van Lieshout wrote: “When I discovered my young son was equally Smitten with road signs, I set out to create a book that celebrates them.”
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Today, author and illustrator Salina Yoon is being interviewed on Darshana’s blog Flowering Minds. She reviewed Yoon’s Penguin series on Thursday. I love Penguin (thank you Cathy for the introduction!). I find the Penguin books to be perfect in so many ways and can’t wait to read the interview. I’ll post a direct link to the interview when it’s live.