What If Everybody Did That?

What If Everybody Did That?

Here’s my selection for Perfect Picture Book Friday:

What If Everybody Did That?
Author Ellen Javernick
Illustrator Colleen M. Madden
Amazon Children’s Publishing, First Pinwheel Books edition , 2010
Childrens Press, Inc. 1990
(Amazon.com lists the Publisher as Two Lions.)
Suitable for: ages 3-7
Theme/Topic: Choices, Consequences, Behavior

Opening Spread: When we went to the zoo, I fed just a little of my popcorn to the bear. The zookeeper waved his broom and said, “What if everybody did that?”

Brief Synopsis: (From the catalog summary) A child learns that there are consequences of thoughtless behavior, from feeding popcorn to a bear at the zoo to dropping an empty can out of a car window.

Resources: Discuss choices and consequences. In each spread, the boy talks about doing “one little thing.” When you study the illustration, you can see what happens when the action is multiplied by many people.  A lesson plan on making good decisions.

Why I Like This Book: I discovered this book via an online search of our library’s catalog. It’s a simple idea with a powerful message. As you go through the book, you can think of all the times you’ve either told a child “What If Everybody Did That?” or maybe you have heard that said to you as an adult. While we had this checked out, Enzo asked for it many nights by name. We liked reading the text and studying all the consequences in the illustrations. I loved the final spread.  I’ll share it with you: “When I came home I gave my mom a hug. What if everybody did that? … (page turn to final page) Everybody should!”

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