I’m My Own Dog

I’m My Own Dog

Gather round friends. It’s back!
Here’s my Perfect Picture Book Friday choice:

I’m My Own Dog
Written and Illustrated by David Ezra Stein
Candlewick Press, 2014
Suitable for: ages preschool-Grade 3
Themes: Independence, Friendship, Pet Ownership (or Human Ownership)

Opening Lines: I’m my own dog. Nobody owns me. I own myself.

Synopsis (from the jacket flap): No one owns me. I’m my own dog. I fetch my own slippers, curl up at my own feet, and give myself a good scratch. But there’s this one spot, in the middle of my back that I just can’t reach …. And one day, I let someone scratch it.

Link to Resources:  Responsible Pet Owner Rules for Kids, PBS Kids has some tips on pet ownership. Role play with your children on what it’s like to be the family cat, dog, or bird.

Why I Like the Book: I first read about I’m My Own Dog in a parenting magazine. The title and cover art caught my attention first. As I read the description,  a “role-reversal tale” I thought “wow that’s the line I use in my query.” I have a role reversal story on a different topic. Sigh. Of course, the sigh turned into laugher when I cracked open my copy and read it. This really is a fresh take on pet ownership. What is it like to be the dog in the relationship? The dog and his morning mirror routine is my favorite scene. The leash is a close second.

I had a summer filled with family, writing, and lots of other stuff. (How’s that for being descriptive “lots of other stuff.”)

I was able to meet a number of writing friends in person at the WOW Retreat in Georgia and have connected with many more writers online. I remain grateful for those connections and friendships. I’m looking forward to a PPBF season filled with lots of great books. I missed the PPBF recommendations and seeing chocolate, er, I mean Susanna Leonard Hill online.

I hope you had a wonderful summer. The weather folks have the audacity to predict a little snow for today. Not liking this!
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P.S. With limited Internet access this weekend, I’ll likely be visiting and commenting on Monday. Hope you have a wonderful weekend. Fall (or snow) is in the air!