The Tumbleweed Came Back

The Tumbleweed Came Back

It’s Friday, so here’s my choice for Perfect Picture Book Fridays:

The Tumbleweed Came Back
Written by Carmela LaVigna Coyle
Illustrated by Kevin Rechin 
Rio Chico, an imprint of Rio Nuevo Publishers, 2013
Suitable for ages:  3 and up
Themes/Topics: Rhyme, family, tumbleweeds

Opening line:
A mighty wind blew in
as we sat to eat our lunch.
It plopped a tiny tumbleweed
into our jug of punch.
My granny shouted,
“EEK, oh my!
A prickly, wicked weed!”
So we flicked it back into the breeze
before it dropped a seed.”

Synopsis from the author’s website: When a pesky tumbleweed drops in for lunch one day, hilarity ensures. What starts out as a small problem, turns into a giant conundrum as one tumbleweed turns into thousands! The story’s infectious rhythm is brought to life by colorful, funny illustrations. The combination makes for a rollicking read aloud book for parents and grandparents, teachers and caregivers! She also mentions on her website that “the catchy rhythm, loosely based on the folksong — ‘The Cat Came Back’ …”

Link to resources:  This Squido post  has some useful information and a link on where to buy your own seeds. I found this sharing how a community makes snowmen from tumbleweeds. If you live near tumbleweeds (like I do), you can walk around and play a counting game with them. The book offers many creative ways to get rid of tumbleweeds. Have a discussion about how you would get rid of tumbleweeds at your house. Want to play The Cat Came Back on your harmonica? Here it is (thank you Internet) Update: There is a lesson plan for the book too.
Why I like this book: Carmela held this book in her arms in the registration line at the Rocky Mountain Chapter SCBWI conferencein September. All I saw was the back cover with a rocket ship. And, I thought, “I must have this” as we are in a rocket-ship phase in our house.

When she showed me the cover, all I saw was tumbleweed and realized “I MUST HAVE THIS!” Long story on why I needed this book. We’ve enjoyed it multiple times before bed.

Just so kiddo knows this one is my book.

Not that he really pays attention, but one day he will be able to read!

Find more Perfect Picture Books on Susanna Leonard Hill’s blog. Hope you have a great weekend. It’s a busy one around here filled with fairs, festivals, and friends.

I marked one item off my “to do” list this week. I signed up for Picture Book Idea Month over at author Tara Lazar’s website. This will be my third year as a participant! Did you sign up?