Here’s a fun nonfiction picture book.

Thomas Jefferson’s Battle for Science: Bias, Truth, and a Mighty Moose! by Beth Anderson and Jeremy Holmes.

It’s a fun book that made me laugh more than expected. Think fun facts and #STEAM! Words and illustrations pair perfectly in this book that pulls you through the end. We all want to know what Jefferson did!

Here’s part of the summary: Thomas Jefferson is one of the most famous founding fathers, but did you know that his mind was always on science? This STEM/STEAM picture book tells how Jefferson’s scientific thinking and method battled against faulty facts and bias to prove that his new nation was just as good as any in the Old World.

The book is for ages 7 to 10, grades 2 to 5. I think it’s great for the classroom, but also for a family read. I believe younger children will get the humor in illustration and text.

I met Beth while living in Colorado. I’ve followed her blog and read her books for many years. She’s written many nonfiction books.

I read a digital copy to read this book. I’m looking forward to a hard copy, so I can really feel those page turns.

Beth shares a Behind the Scenes post about this book at her blog.

It’s available where books are sold or request a copy at your library.

Happy Reading!